WHILE we specialize in Uniformed Security, we are also proud of the Portfolio of Comprehensive Support Services we have developed over the years. Working closely with a network of experts, we now offer a variety of services, including consulting and investigative solutions, to all of our clients.

Some of these services are performed in-house due to our experience as a licensed detective agency, while many of these services are subcontracted to experts with whom we have developed long-term relationships.

We assign cases to staff or independent firms that have the appropriate qualifications for the specific assignment. For instance, in a financial fraud case, obviously the activity of a certified fraud examiner would provide better results than that of an arson specialist.


One of our associates has a history of conducting successful fraud investigations in Mexico, a venue where this type of work is often difficult. Our associates have operated investigations throughout North America, the South Pacific and Australia, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America and in the Caribbean and Mediterranean. They have provided services for the U.S. Government, as well as for private sector clients headquartered in many countries.


Our consultants and associates perform in-depth security surveys for district courts, city halls, public school districts, and police departments as well as a variety of private sector surveys. We are extensively experienced in performing projects in most industries and environments including manufacturing, trucking, warehouse, office, retail, distribution, private clubs and executive residences. In addition to domestic security surveys, our consulting associates have conducted projects in Europe and Latin America.


Executive protection development is a specialty security service which few contract agencies are qualified to provide. Wm. Davis & Associates is able to offer this service through associates who are experienced in this specialty field. While most businesses in North America historically have had little need to consider a comprehensive executive protection program, this perspective is changing. Some risk is present for high profile CEOs and other upper management members. We provide realistic recommendations. One focus of these projects is to significantly improve the odds that an executive will escape an unexpected abduction attempt, or survive the ordeal if abduction is successful. Another is ensuring the capability exists to immediately and substantially enhance the level of protection in the event of increased temporary risk.


In most environments in Michigan, the presence of electronic eavesdropping devices, telephone taps, and infinity transmitters is extremely rare. When clients suspect that such devices may be present at their facilities, we recommend that before considering this expensive sweeping service, all other options have been exhausted. For instance, our countermeasures technicians have found that often the reason proprietary information is compromised is a cavalier attitude on the part of the client’s employees toward shredders and other preventive measures.



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